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Palmer's Airline Coupé

Points of Originality

Can you help identify the correctness of these items?

The car is an un-restored PB Airline Coupe, Chassis Number PB0560,

original UK Registration Number CCD981.

If you can help, or know of any owners prior to 1973,

please send us an email:

The interior, minus lots of the interior panels. Note the 4-spoke steering wheel with an MG motif in the center hub.



Window Locks - The original is the chromed one on the left. The other two are reproductions.:


Did this car ever have the 3 cathedral windows in the sliding roof? I understand it was an option, and this car shows no evidence of ever having the windows. The Lou Louchios car was also lacking these windows (now installed).


No, this car DID have the Cathedral windows. Under the plywood and aluminum skin the following picture is what was found:

This is another brand of bonnet catch currently on the car. It is a Ripaults brand. Note the lack of mounting holes. There are four mounting screws inside the base. Which is correct?

Bonnet catch - This one is the Tenaxit brand.  Note the 4 holes for mounting screws.

The car came with all of its original glass.  This is the tiny (1/2" diameter) logo etched on the rear window.

The spare tyre hold-down. Note the size (1") and color (dark red) of the badge. Is this correct?

This is the driver's side door handle which was on the car. I have a letter from the MG Car Company to the owner in 1949 saying that they are unable to supply duplicate door lock keys. This one clearly does not have an external lock.

The facia panel and instruments. Somewhat different placement of the instruments than a 2-seater PB.  The facia should have gloveboxes, one on either side with overlapping doors. Note, also, the window winder mechanism for opening the windscreen.

This is the passenger side interior lock. Clearly incorrect, possibly from an early Mini.
Note the chromed tab for locking the door from inside. The driver's side interior lock is similar, but has no lock mechanism.

This is the gas filler cap as found on the car. Is it the correct style?

The rear shock absorbers. They are both Luvax, but one has the manufacturer's name and the model "Type A". The other has no markings whatsoever. Which is correct. Note that both have a brass tag on the lever arm which indicates the side of the car the shock mounts.

This is a Lucas type M35A starter. This is correct.

This is a scan of a paper tag found inside the bottom of my cutout (CJR3). CJR2 was used on the PA and most PBs. CJR3 appears to have been used on some late PBs.

This is a metal plate found mounted under the cutout on the firewall.




For a view of the various distributor clamps used on Triple-M cars look here.

Above, we see the original toolbox and a repro. On the right shows the installed toolbox.  

The original shipping sticker is still on the
passenger window from when it was exported to
the US in 1962 by R.K. Dickinson possibly of
Syracuse, New York, USA.

A pair of original lubrication system plates. Note the plating

Last Update:  09/24/07