The MG Airline Coupè Registry


Peter Scott

PA0758 (no longer an Airline)

  Name   from to
Arthur Balleny   19-Sep-35  
Vernon Knapper   27-Nov-74 13-Feb-76
David Brown   13-Feb-76 16-Oct-82
Barry Catchpole   16-Oct-82 29-May-97
William Fothergill   29-May-97 16-Apr-03
Michael O'Brien   16-Apr-03 2-Mar-05
Peter Scott   2-Mar-05  
MG PA 0758 - MMM Register 1550    
Produced (without body) 20-Apr-34  
Chassis no PA 0758  
Engine no 1011 AP Today (new block)
Gearbox no 508 Today
Dynamo no B43711 ? To be checked
Rear axle 512 ? To be checked
Starter no 27483 ? To be checked
Left despatch department w/o body 22-Jun-34 Whose despatch department?
Body Airline coupe  
Body colour Grey  
Upholstery Grey  
Wheels Grey  
Invoice to Allingham* for correction of faults 27-Jun-34 Car had been bodied by this date
  What happened to car between June 34 and Sep 35?  
Sale to University Motors 16-Sep-35  
Supplier University Motors  
First owner Arthur Balleny, London W1  
First registered 19-Sep-35 Registration no - MG 4262
Date of purchase 26-Sep-35  
Order for repairs 26-Mar-36 Mileage 13387
MG car company receive for repairs 27-Apr-36 Mileage 15563
Repair estimate 8-May-36  
Car returned to Belleny 18-May-36  
Repair invoice 6-Jun-36  
Starting handle missing 30-Dec-36  
Registration number changed 19-Jan-76 to - 567 CRU
Rebuilt from chassis plus components 1976 by David Brown