Here’s a translation.  Hope I got the terminology right—you might have to adjust a bit.  If you have questions, call. 


The chassis was imported to Switzerland by Sportcar S.A. Zurich so as to be fit to the body, for at that time the number of complete cars was limited and the chassis alone required no permit.


Since a client for a special body, namely a Cabriolet, could not be found, this chassis remained in stock for a long time.  A firm in England, whose name is now defunct, offered special “airline” coupe bodies (or body building).


With an extraordinary license, such a frame could be imported.  It was mounted by HAENNI ZURICH body builders.


In order to enhance the car’s appearance, the mudguards were modified by adding sheet metal in such a way that the wheels were (“circondées—can’t find this word in my dictionaries) by the fender (or mudguard).


It should also be noted that the imported frame included a sliding roof, if I’m not mistaken.


The first buyer was Mr. v. LILIENCRON, (+), a second owner was a Swissair pilot named GROB.  I do not know the life of this car.


There certainly will have been serveal out of series “Airline Coupe” in England.  Mr. Thornley wil be able to inform you.